Wedding Service

  • Background music as your guests are arriving

  • Processional recessional and other specialty music

  • Wireless microphone for ceremony

Wedding Reception

  • The Introductions

  • Cocktail Hour and Dinner Music

  • Bride and Groom Dance

  • Bride and Father Dance

  • Groom and Mother Dance

  • All Other Special Dances

  • Cake Cutting Ceremony

  • Toasts

  • Throwing of the Garter and Bouquet

Tri-Star Sound has been doing the best parties on the coast for over 25 years! The difference between one DJ and another is their presentation. The ability to read the audience and play a great mix of music, to create energy and make sure that your party flows.

Hi-Tech professional sound and lighting systems make sure that your party sounds and looks great! We play music that you want to hear! No two weddings are alike; we custom design each and every party. Tri-Star Sound DJ’s are knowledgeable in all genres of popular music, from today’s hottest hits to your favorites from the past.

If you remember the music, you never forget the times………….....

Multiple-Location Speaker Systems

  • Is your party part indoors, part outdoors? We have the ability to place powered speakers in different locations according to your needs.

  • Tri-Star Sound has made over 2,000 wedding receptions successful. From the smallest, seven people, including the bride and groom, who had such a great time they had us play an hour over. To the largest, over 1,200 people at the coast coliseum.

Our most asked question is “How much does it cost?” Because we are a full- time professional DJ company, we offer more services to our customers than the average part time DJ. Which means you get a lot more for your entertainment dollar. Websites are great for general information, but to understand your personal needs a one-on-one consultation works best. We want you to feel comfortable with our services, as we are becoming one of the most important parts of your special day. We will create a pricing package for you, make suggestions, and provide any help that we can.

We offer the best wedding entertainment packages for your money. Call 228-374-1900.

Tri-Star Sound – The largest and most respected DJ company on the Gulf Coast !